Sol Anderson and Sarah Spunt of LIFT - Chicago

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In honor of National Volunteer Week, this week’s podcast hosts the Directors of LIFT-Chicago, Sol Anderson and Sarah Spunt. LIFT is a national nonprofit based in Washington D.C. with offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. LIFT’s mission is to help parents break the cycle of poverty by providing services that not only stabilize their families economically but increase their personal well-being and social connections.

Sol, the Executive Director of LIFT-Chicago, is responsible for creating regional strategy, building and maintaining relationships with donors and board members, and expanding LIFT-Chicago’s operations. Sol’s partner in crime is Program Director Sarah Spunt, a licensed clinical social worker, responsible for implementing the organization’s program goals, analyzing data, training staff, and building partnerships.

LIFT’s secret sauce is focusing on building economic stability in parents in order to put their children on a path to economic mobility. LIFT pairs parents with professionally trained volunteers who work alongside the parents to create goal-oriented plans that build a strong financial, educational, and social foundations in order to break the cycle of poverty. Be sure to listen to Sol and Sarah share the impactful and inspiring mission behind LIFT and more about how nonprofit organizations are providing a helping hand for families in need.

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