Amy Dardinger of SSPR

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Covering topics including gender gaps in the workplace and the lack of representation and recognition of work completed by women, we have PR and marketing expert Amy Dardinger. Amy is a PR Manager working for public relations agency SSPR, and she specializes in providing media training and strategic advice to executive professionals in B2B companies. She focuses specifically on building plans and training clients in industries like human resources, healthcare and technology. Transitioning from an all-women’s environment at Saint Mary’s College to a co-ed law school at the College of William & Mary showed Amy how important it was for women to express their opinions and show their capabilities. She combined the skills and knowledge obtained from law school and her passion to learn new and challenging material to pursue an alternative career path, one not necessarily associated with law. Amy discovered that marketing and PR allowed her to brainstorm fresh and creative ideas, while also helping people thrive within their businesses. Amy encourages women to practice building their voices, take on strong leadership roles and dive into fields that are conventionally pursed by men.

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