Betsy Marsala of NEAT Method

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Are you inspired to be tidy or wish that you were a little more organized, but not sure where to begin?  Betsy Marsala joins us on the podcast to talk about her winding road from having a theatre degree and juggling various types of peculiar jobs, to ultimately re-discovering her interest in organizing and customizing others’ memories and spaces. Betsy is a Lead Independent Contractor for “NEAT”, a service which helps design and execute a customized layout to provide an optimal living space for its customers.  After years of searching, she was able to intertwine elements of her own interests and hobbies into a career which was sustainable and rewarding. Her emerging passion and talent in this industry led Betsy to take over the Neat franchise in Downtown Chicago.  Betsy’s story serves as a reminder for people to go beyond their comfort zones in order to expand and discover new opportunities.

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