Mike Smith of Termax Corporation

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Have you ever been in a car and it didn’t squeak or immediately fall apart? You can thank this week’s guest for that. In this episode, Savannah sits down with Mike Smith of Termax Corporation – a manufacturer that supplies metal and plastic fastener solutions to major automotive companies. They literally help keep your car together. Today, Termax makes about 9 million fasteners a day, but it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get there. Mike weaves the tale of Termax, from its inception when his father decided to take a chance, to Mike and his brother taking over the business from their father, to the company’s growth on a worldwide scale.   In addition, Mike’s love and dedication also played a major role in the formation of Termax Charities, a charitable organization that supports youth services, adult mentoring and training, and other charitable organizations.  Over the years, Termax Charities has been a champion and sponsor of such organizations like The House of Providence, Opening Doors with Teagen, City Kids Camp Dixon, and Cancer Kiss My Cooley.