Bonus Episode - Cyber Security: What Does It Mean for My Business?

Bonus Episode:  Cybersecurity Symposium:  “Cyber Security: What Does It Mean for My Business?”  In case you could not join us on March 8, 2017, SATC Solution Center L3C hosted a cybersecurity symposium which included a panel of cybersecurity professionals including an attorney, Allison Adams of SATC, an cyber risk insurance professional, Mike Richmond, of the Horton Group, and a technical specialist in cybersecurity, Bruce Ward, of Peters and Associates. We hope you find this thoughtful discussion between experienced professionals helpful in protecting your business.

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Episode 8 - Bob Cavoto

Jobs!  Careers!   Bob Cavoto, the founder of 20/20 Foresight Executive Search, comes on to answer all those questions you always wanted to ask an executive recruiter.   Bob shoots it straight.  Bob explains executive marketing and recruiting, gives career and life advice, and provides a roadmap for how to improve your career and become a C-level executive for real estate companies.  It is a fascinating discussion about the job market in commercial real estate and how to market yourself for a C-level executive position.

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Episode 7 - David Haigh

In episode 7, Phil has industrial real estate broker, David Haigh, of NAI Hiffman, come on to discuss the different approach needed for massive square footage transactions in industrial real estate.   Dave explains a good approach to networking and getting into the real estate business, explains the history and macroeconomic factors that lead Chicago to being of paramount importance in industrial real estate, and new trends in the industrial real estate market.

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Episode 6 - Steven Spinell

Phil's featured guest is Steven Spinell of JLL. Steven is a former professional hockey player turned commercial real estate professional. Steven discusses his work on JLL's build to suit team, his transition to commercial real estate, and his passion project to help competitive athletes transition from the sports arena to the corporate arena.  But first, Phil is joined by fellow SATC principal John Campbell to discuss how and why cyber security is a necessity for real estate professionals, and the upcoming cyber security symposium on March 8, 2017, brought to you by SATC Solution Center, L3C.

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Episode 5 - David Stone

The State of the Chicago Retail Market!  In episode 5, Phil gets the state of the Chicago Retail market from one of Chicago’s premiere retail brokers, David Stone of Stone Real Estate Corporation.  David discusses the recent soaring rents in the North Michigan Avenue riverfront area, the challenges and advantages of leasing a unique building such as the Merchandise Mart, and provides trends and forecasts of where this City is going and what both tenants and landlords are looking for in current economic conditions.

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Episode 4 - Colin C. Laitner

Phil grabs a cup of coffee with his good friend, Colin C. Laitner, the general counsel of Deeter Investments, LLP, a private investment firm, and a principal of Metis Capital, LLC, a commercial real estate development company based out of Austin, Texas.  Phil makes Colin tell the story of how he got his position with Deeter Investments, LLP, and discusses a private nuisance lawsuit where a local live music bar on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas, called The Nook, is being sued by a corporate giant, The Westin Hotel.  Finally, Colin talks about his efforts to attract foreign investments in his company’s development of light industrial and commercial “flex” space, called the Sheldon Cove Corporate Center, which is part of a commercial condominium development.

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Episode 3 - Robert Walters - Part 2 of 2

Robert Walters – Principal of Quattro Development, LLC.  In part 2 of a 2 part episode, host Phil Coover continues his conversation with Rob Walters of Quattro Development, Inc., where they discuss the nuances of approaching municipalities around the country, picking sites by looking at population density, the difficulties of entering the commercial real estate industry, and a new non-profit endeavor to help underprivileged youths gain work experience in commercial real estate.

Learn more about Quattro Development here.

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Episode 2 - Robert Walters - Part 1 of 2

Robert Walters – Principal of Quattro Development, LLC.  In part 1 of a 2 part episode, host Phil Coover sits down with Rob Walters of Quattro Development, Inc. to discuss how a kid from DeKalb founded a national real estate development company with his partner Mike Liyeos in 2008.  Rob explains his company’s process to select and develop sites, sourcing materials and contractors, and finding deals across the entire country.

Find out more about Quattro Development here. 

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Episode 1 - C. Michelle Panovich

Real Estate for Breakfast is a Chicago centric real estate podcast which brings real
estate professionals and attorneys together to create thoughtful commentary on
current real estate issues, explanations of sophisticated real estate problems, details
on current developments and entertaining discussion.

Episode 1 Guest Speaker - C. Michelle Panovich of Mid-America Asset Management, Inc.
Description: In the first episode, Phil sits down with C. Michelle Panovich of Mid-
America Asset Management, Inc., and Andy Annes of Schenk Annes Tepper Campbell
Ltd., to discuss Michelle and Mid-America’s redevelopment efforts in connection with
the Ford City Mall, the Deerbrook Mall, and downtown LaGrange, IL. Michelle
discusses her team’s approach, vision, and financing needed to redevelop commercial
property on a mass scale. Michelle ends by discussing her rewarding work in support of
the Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate at Roosevelt University.

Find out more about Mid-America Asset Management here.

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